Our Services

Our Services


The constant evolution of Information Technology industry we are witnessing nowadays is both fascinating and challenging. While IT evolution contributes to simplifying lives and businesses, many companies struggle to adapt to the change, especially at first.

However, with the constant competition, IT leaders are racing to rapidly adapt to these transformations while supporting current operations.

Business owners are aware that mastering the IT areas in their company will give them impressive advantages compared to their competitors. Hence, more and more companies are seeking experts’ help to reach this goal. This is where our role manifests.

Teknismart's team of seasoned IT professionals masters both kinds of technologies: old and new.

We track the evolution of IT in different industries to deliver services that are up to date and match each industry’s needs.

At Teknismart, we continuously invest in training our IT professionals to master the latest technologies and help businesses chart and achieve transformations while supporting current business operations and development requirements. Our IT engineers master Software Development Life Cycles to perfection. With our extensive experience, we successfully manage technologies no matter how complex. We specialize in addressing any business demands related to planning, assessment, design, development, and implementation.

Our Expertise includes the following Technology Consulting and Staffing Offerings :
  • Integration & Development Services – Application, Web & Software:
    We design and program custom-made software’s and applications adhering to your requirements.
  • Database Management & Administration:
    We organize, monitor, and update your data systematically throughout your data life cycles.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions:
    We strategically allocate multiple tasks to boost efficiency and exploit the resources optimally.
  • Data Warehousing:
    We help businesses, collect and store company data to make informed management decisions.
  • Identity & Access Management Solutions:
    We develop and manage your Identity and Access Management Solutions.
  • Content Management Solutions:
    We methodically manage your digital content for coherence and optimal results.
  • IT Security:
    We plan, design, and implement cost-effective security programs to guide your technology-related decisions.
  • Business Analysis & Project Management:
    We identify the gaps and recommend solutions that add value to your organizational strategy.
  • Testing Services:
    We test software programs to help you avoid security issues and scalability challenges.
  • Help Desk Services:
    We provide the information and support you need for your products and services through our resources.

Technologies we specialize in:
  • Java/J2EE
  • .NET/C#
  • Database Management
  • SailPoint
  • Big Data
  • Documentum
  • Oracle Cloud
  • AWS
  • Dev Ops